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Celebrate a Wedding, Birth, Anniversary, or the
love of an Animal Friend with an Evergreen Keepsake!

Inspired by nature, Evergreen Keepsakes combine sentiments of love with a natural
elegance and are the perfect way to celebrate a special day or the love of an animal friend!
Attention to artistic detail is evident throughout the unique design. Delicately arranged evergreens
serve as a timeless reminder of love's everlasting bond. Set within this evergreen frame are the
poetic words of the keepsake, a space for personalized information and a cut-out area to add a
special photograph. Lastly, a canvas-style background ties the entire design together.
An example of a Birth Keepsake is shown above. Click the arrow to the right of the example
to see the
Wedding, Anniversary and Animal Friends Keepsakes. Examples are shown
in the horizontal format. A vertical format is also available and can be seen on the
individual keepsake pages. Each format is offered in both 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" sizes.
All Evergreen Keepsakes are custom personalized and printed on premium
quality, acid-free, heavyweight (60lb.) matte paper (frame not included).
The lasting sentiment and beauty of an Evergreen Keepsake is sure to please anyone,
including clients, friends, relatives, or yourself! Information on how to order a
personalized keepsake can be found by clicking the links above which
will take you to the individual keepsake pages.
We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to providing you with a keepsake
that can be cherished and proudly displayed for many years to come!
Photo of baby © Hogan Imaging/Shutterstock